Hands up all those who remember people walking around shouting at the top of their voice into their mobile phone? Not because the recipient couldn't hear but to ensure you looked and saw they had a mobile phone. Encryption is pretty much the same. 90% of the population doesn't need it, but if you want to look like Billy-Big-Bollocks, you let everyone know you use it.
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WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
TBF, some people always shout into phones. My wife included.
I sometimes say "Can you speak up a bit?
Mrs Madowlady at number 5 can't quite hear you"
LOL. My Mrs is deaf in one ear. We often say to her "Can you turn the TV up a bit more, the guy in Manchester can't quite hear it!"

Douglas Adams — 'This must be Thursday,' said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. 'I never could get the hang of Thursdays.'

𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘨𝘰 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰𝘥𝘢𝘺!
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WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Thursday was always the busiest day at the opticians where the wife used to work, so we always went out for a meal and a pint or two on Thursday night. :)
We always seem to get the swine who leave it till the last minute at about a quarter to five on a Friday.

Free OpenSuSE Tee Shirt, anybody?
I suspect it would be honourable if you actually attended. I'm not sure saying: "I was there virtually." is a tad naughty. ;-)
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Every single Tech based podcast will be talking about today's outage on the Interwebs. #LeSigh
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It's funny how people on Mastodon think EVERYONE is on the Fediverse.

People on Twitter think EVERYONE is on Twitter.

People on Facebook think EVERYONE is on FB

"I only know of it because you mention it and you're the only person I know uses it."
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Happy Birthday @redbrain
Just because we don't speak doesn't mean I've forgotten you.🎂 🥳 🍻

Shaking my English fist at clouds as they play silly buggers with the light switch: "Sun on, Sun off. Sun on, Sun off." #ukweather
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A couple of months ago, I told the window cleaner to come every other month rather than every month. He actually got his arse in hand with me.

He was due yesterday but didn't show up (Talk about immature), so we got a new old school one yesterday. A man with a bucket and a ladder rather than the other twat and his hosepipe pole and his "I don't need to dry them I put a chemical in the wash. WTF?
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I've been watching Undercover on Netflix. It's a Belgian-Dutch crime drama about undercover cops. I started out liking Bob Lemmens, the main character, but now I kind of wanna see him get his comeuppance tbh. Thoroughly enjoying it, though.

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It's Friday, ya bunch of ferret worriers!
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Hoping to find some time for social media today.
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Thomas mastodon (AP)
Oh no, what have we done to you? 😏😂
The weather's too nice to be pratting around on Social Media. Plus I'm working from H̶o̶m̶e̶ Garden today.

Dodged another bullet.
They'll be calling him The Teflon Don soon.
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That's a point. If you fill out a car insurance request on GoCompare, for example, it will ask you how many days a week you drive? For the last year, my car has hardly moved off the drive! So that's a tough one to answer truthfully.
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WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
yeas, my 2017 Prius PHEV has only just passed the 30K mark, and for 18 months of the llast 4 years it was my company car, doing a minimum of 250 miles a week.
I used to do more than 30K a year at one time.

@stannard I've just looked at your Bio. You want to eat Nigella Lawson? She'd probably want to snort coke off your bum if you believe what the papers say.
stannard mastodon (AP)
Thats my girl !
I think she is gorgeous and if I play my cards right.......

FOSDEM switches networks. No surprise there, then.
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Pfft! I'd say a good 80% of it is already here.
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ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
I think We live in a mix between 1984 and Brave New World.Surveillance everywhere but people happily sharing their data.
It always makes me smile that everyone in the FOSS community thinks that the world at large (Which is a billion times bigger than the FOSS community) thinks the same as them in terms of security when in reality, Joe Public couldn't give a toss. Millions of devices are out there with no AV—millions of people using their DOB as a password. My Missus uses passwords that would make you cry! And as for sharing data.......

I wondered how long it would take insurance companies to implement Lie Detection. Thank The Pond Gods; this lot have dropped the idea.
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The Freenode saga reminds me of Github. Everyone is flocking to librachat (We like Libra)
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Here's something to cheer you up. The clocks go back in 22 weeks 5 days
Alan mastodon (AP)
...and the days start to get shorter from 22nd June 😮

Sredni Vashta friendica
Creative Commons is celebrating 20 Years
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Please don't say it too loudly, but I have the patio door open. It's actually stopped raining!
Alan mastodon (AP)
It rained when I walked to the station and then stopped when I got there earlier.

Where were your patio doors then, huh?
I've had to close it now. It's gone a bit cold. The dog looked at me as if I'm some sort of jailer!

Is it just me that finds it ironic that people on Twitter et al. are posting messages saying, "I don't have any money to buy in the dip"
So let me get this right, You've no money yet you want to invest in #crypto, which is currently haemorrhaging money, and you're hoping someone will flip you a few quid with your "Get Rich Quick s̶c̶h̶e̶m̶e̶ gamble."
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Adam friendica (AP)
I don't think it takes any brains to be able to handle a phone and post on social media.

I'm trying hard to not resemble my remarks, but... ;-)

Gasp! No! Not yet another political leader with shady financial dealings?
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WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Shame, he could have done half a room in Boris's flat with that!
Half a room? With lawyers fees, he could have done the whole flat and possibly No1. 10 staircases!

When are we getting Tesla planes?

Even though it says in black & white what you will need, I bet people still buy it without a POE router or switch in their home.🤦‍♂️
#raspberrypi #poe
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𝗣𝗲𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘀𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝗵𝘆𝗽𝗼𝗰𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀.
When Dominic Cummings was at No. 10, they all hated him and wanted him out! Suddenly, after being kicked out, he's the font of all knowledge, and everyone loves him: humans, tut.
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WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Funny how he reckons that incompetence was behind the failures in the Pandemic response.
I am wrong, or wasn't he Boris's chief adviser at the time?
So this is basically a confession?
Exactly. It's the classic case of "When someone says what you want to hear......."

Meh, the M6 is always like that whether the rozzers have closed it or not.

Damn! Bpytop has an update apparently but I can't remember how I installed it? Did I use:
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This is really sad. I met a lot of good friends on Freenode. While I haven't used it for a couple of years, this story is still upsetting.
Kevie mastodon (AP)
this is the beauty of open source: a fork has already spring up: point your IRC application to ircs://

The forecast today at #CastleCannon is thunderstorms with a high of 14C and a low of 7C 🤔

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You've gotta love the UK. This morning Charlie and I were sat on the patio eating Vanilla Skyr and enjoying the early morning sun. It's now chucking it down with rain and freezing.
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Adam friendica (AP)

Hey, Plusporans!

I posted this as a reply to someone who was reposting the announcement about the issues Pluspora was having lately, but I figured I would post this just in general.

I would like to extend an open invitation to you and anyone who is wanting or needing to setup another fediverse account (due to the unfortunate circumstances at Pluspora) to come check out Friendica. Our friendly Friendica instances speak many languages, so they reach in to many other parts of the fediverse - the GNU Socials, Pleromas, Mastondons, etc, as well as Hubzillas and of course, Diasporas. This invitation is not to dissuade from choosing any particular path, but as I don't see enough cheering for all the great improvements that go in to Friendica all the time, I figure I'd make some noise, especially in light of the changes (or possible changes?) going on at Pluspora.

Feel free to try out a Friendica account at (I've been running this instance since April 2018) or at any instance that might be close and comfortable geographically - you can find a list at

Heck, even if one has had an account on a Friendica instance in the past, there's been a great number of improvements over the past couple of years.

Have a great day, hope all is well, and we look forward to seeing you wherever you wind up!

#pluspora #diaspora #friendica

Tagging a few people:

@David Thiery @diane @Frederick Wilson II @David English @wynter @Jess Nut @Whuffo @DavïÐ Låzårµ§ @Whuffo @Stuart Richman @garpu @garpu @doug t @Jeff Sexton @Paul Frank @Michele Hax @Nora Qudus @Rodrigo Mesa @John Hummel @Steven Vaughan-Nichols @Matthias Vos @Bill B @Wilco Roos
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I'm still a bit frustrated with the UI. See my recent post from my isurf account on Friendica for details.

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ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Around 2000 already handed back. It's political pressure from Morocco, every time there's a negotiation or some quarrel happens something like this.
That explains why France is letting so many attempt the channel crossing.

So they dug up all that peat and sold it, and now the government is going to pay £50M to put it back! 🤦‍♂️

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It took me two seconds to think of four words that would ruin the first date.
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