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Miserable moaning old people are not really miserable moaning old people. It's just in most cases, they've had 60 to 70 years of putting up with PITA morons. It drains you after a bit.

Spent the morning moving desks around. At my age!

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OK, so I've not been watching it, but I'm going to absolutely piss myself if Matt Hancock wins "I'm a Celebrity."

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If ever I became Prime Minister, the first thing I would do is move Parliament and the whole government apparatus to Lindley Hall Farm, Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire, because that is the centre of the UK according to Ordnance Survey.

Of course, the second thing I would do is increase my government's tenure from 5 to 10 years with a further 5-year extension option. 😉

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I can agree on moving parliament out of London, but I'm glad you don't get to make these decisions

Seven years down the line, I still like the idea of creating a podcast episode out of Tweets or Toots. We just couldn't work out how it was achievable in a LIVE context, plus there was always going to be some moron tweeting, "Do Guppies have bollocks?" #tdtrs
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Sounds interesting. If doing it live would be a problem, well, why does it have to be done live?
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It was borne of our love of "Free fall conversation" whereby our discussions would run down myriad paths and ultimately ending a million miles off the original topic. The point being that we would have no idea where the episode would go.

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Jesus. Is that all that former Twitter users can bring to the party? "Moderation" that's all I see in Toots. I just saw someone claiming that "The patchy Moderation" was a problem! No, it is not. We've been perfectly capable of behaving ourselves long before you came along; you can stop right there encroaching on my freedom and trying to control what I say and think, which is ultimately your goal hidden behind a thin veil of concern for safety.

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Playing dumb doesn't work. Neither does making out you don't remember things. It'll come back to bite you in the arse, mark my words.
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Shredni Vashtar
Just someone thinking they can pull the wool over my eyes. You know the sort. Piss up your back and tell you it's raining. #LeSigh #JustSoundingOff

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the only real problem I had with this game was the mechanics for managing your army are, well, crap.
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I think "Management" wholesale is, umm? You definitely have to keep your eye on the ball. The times the wife has spoken to me while playing, and within two seconds, the enemy has destroyed half my beautiful town..... #ShakesFist
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@falgn0n I have to use the iamtoobusy cheat to play. Else I find myself engulfed in enemies before I've spawned anything!
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@Shredni Vashtar well it's more than that: simple keybindings for selecting, say: "all fighters" or all of a class. When the fighters and the workers are all off gathering and the bad guys roll in and I suddenly have get all the fighters on deck but send the workers to hiding.
Doesn't work.
Maybe I've just been spoiled by games like CnC3 where it is so much easier to organise and rally my forces.

The washing machine needs to be put on spin.
There's a bit of dusting that needs doing, or I'll be in trouble.
The dog has the hump because he wants to go on the windowsill.
I wouldn't mind a couple more pieces of toast and marmite.

I can't tear myself away from the keyboard!

This is why the Fediverse and Open Source are so cool. Everyone jumps in to try and make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Made an iOS Shortcut to let you follow someone from a different Mastodon instance without the copy/paste hoop-jumping.

Once added to your Shortcuts app, you can share a Profile (or webpage or text that contains a profile link or username) to this Shortcut to be taken to the Follow confirmation page without ever copying or pasting anything.

Let me know if you find it helpful or run into any issues.

#iOS #Shortcuts #Projects

Why is anyone surprised by this?
Autumn Statement Live: Jeremy Hunt announces £55bn of tax rises and spending cuts
Did you not think this would happen? Did you think the magic money fairy would continue to dish out money left, right, and centre?
Did you honestly think the Furlough money was free money? Or the Money spent on COVID was there to be poured out like water?
It was obvious to anyone with half a brain cell halfway through COVID that the money would need to be paid back.

Never mind George Takei I'm waiting for @JeriLRyan to join the #Fediverse she already follows me on Twitter plus she's a massive geek. 😍

Currently sending out a Christmas-themed Newsletter, and it's only November 16th. Don't blame me; I'm just following orders from above.

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I'm trying to wean myself off Amazon for books. I bought Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut using Hive instead. Its taking a while to get here but I'm feeling much better about my purchases #dystopianstories

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Watched The Young Ones' "Boring" on the TV last night.

Shocking Police IQ levels

Copper 1 "Well, I said something about the Pope, didn't I."
Copper 2 "That's a bit stupid; you know she's Catholic."
Copper 1 "Yeah, I didn't know the Pope was, though."

I've currently got more #excency points than #hive power. 🤣

29326.851 POINTS
2,429.870 HP
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Me and a couple of hundred others I believe. 😛

Aha! Fedilab works with my shrednivastar instance.

You know, that Martin "Money saving" twonk does give some crap advice. He keeps banging on about using a hot water bottle. He himself states it costs 35p to boil a kettle, and yet a 100W electric blanket at the 34p per kWh rate would cost 3.4p to run at full power for an hour!
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That's wrong. Boiling enough water for a HWB could cost less than 1p. 2kW for a minute or two
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Tell it to Martin; I'm just going by what he puts the shits up the MIL with.
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I think the guy is trying to help. Not that I tend to watch or read him. A lot of people don't know how to economise. Hence those waiting to pick up at the station with their engines running.
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Mmm? He bangs on about switching cards; he tells you how "It won't cost a penny", and then you find the card issuer charges a transfer fee. His shitty program has caused my wife and daughters so much grief with the MIL, who thinks he's the font of all wisdom. I've no time for the bloke.

Air Fryers are clearly the new "Thing" in this drive to lower household bills. When I got home last night, the wife berated me that from the comfort of our double-glazed home sofa, she had spent nearly two hours on her iPad tracking one down because "Everywhere is out of stock!"

The dipshit of Highways Cannock thinks it is a good idea to effectively close and bring to a standstill all major routes between Walsall and Cannock. This morning I saw an elderly woman in a Peugeot get side-rammed from a car which exited a side road as they desperately tried to avoid the five-mile traffic jams. The poor woman was physically shaking and had to be consoled by a road worker. Image, having waited your turn to go through (Supposedly safely) some roadworks and out of nowhere BANG!

So I've just been to Costa Coffee to see my grandson, and the place is rammed! And that place ain't cheap. (Obviously, I can't take a picture behind me.)
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Current status on many of the Federated instances.

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Is that your own instance? TBH that's why I created this one in case my went down.

I can't play the drums, but I wish I could.

Twelve years ago (I'm sure it was longer than 12 years?), this man held us captive in a cellar in Liverpool. It's not The Cavern, but it did look like the sort of place Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb might hang out.

When someone leaves the company and people phone to speak to them, one of my favourite pastimes is to say to callers: "I'm afraid [insert name] no longer works for the company."

The four-second silence is brilliant. You can literally sense them thinking:
"Oh! What happened there?"
"Were they sacked?"
"Did they get another job?"
"Are they still in IT?"
"Where are they now?"

The vast majority of repressed Brits, although desperate to know, will be too tight-lipped to ask. 🤣

I just realised that if the Woke community has flooded to Mastodon because they believe Elon Musk intends to reinstate right-wing accounts, they're going to have a massive shock when they find out cancel culture doesn't work on Federated services. You can block and mute them, but you can't silence them. ✊

A whole slew of followers on the shrednivashtar account, "which was nice." Better start using it more, I suppose?

Heard a noise outside my office window that, seriously, sounded like a cat had been run over. Goddam seagull is flying in a circle overhead, screaming its arse off!

What I find so hysterical about the mass Twitter exodus to Mastodon is that the very people and attitudes Twitter leavers will cite as their reason for moving have been on Federated services for a long time. If anything, Far-Right groups are bigger on Mastodon.

I woke up this morning and spent the first hour or so convinced it was Thursday. 🤦‍♂️


Today's events demonstrate that you really need your own instance on the #Fediverse.

My biggest mistake was using my account, which then put that instance owner in a difficult position which made me very concerned for them, TBH.

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I posted a comment on someone's post about how their pictures were really good and that they should create an account on Hive so they could earn money for their work. It was a genuine attempt to show them somewhere they could earn some money. I don't even think I mentioned Crypto? The individual just told me to "FUCK OFF", and then the next thing I know; their weenie friends started reporting me to Sem. I was a bit worried for an hour or so.

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You should know better. Let the new ones meet you first, earn their trust and then scam them but give them some days you're going too fast.

Groan. I take it I have to delve into the db to delete the username of an account I deleted on my #friendca instance if I want to use the username again?

And its gone dark again with a hint of rain. It's like when we were kids and flipped the light switch on and off like a poor man's disco strobe light. #Ukrain
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I watched the weather with the Missus this morning; the radar picture they displayed showed it all going up through Wales to Scotland. I was like: "Oh well, they both used to rain. :-D

And this is why it is Great Britain. The rain has stopped, and it is daylight again. Nowhere in the world does mental weather like the UK does.