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penguin42 mastodon (AP)
It's additive chipboard rather than subtractive chipboard.
It's chipboard.

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗮 𝗹𝗼𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝗿𝗼𝘁! It has nothing to do with Corbyn or poor results in 2019 and everything to do with voters seeing through Labours outdated views! Wigan Pier is now a niche coffee shop, Jarrow is a designer outlet. Nobody wants to get behind the party of Gloom & Doom and a 1960's attitude. Nobody is doing 18 hours at the pit face any more. People are getting on board with positivity, progress, investment and jobs. Working families don't want handouts. They want opportunities to better themselves. They have faith in a government that has actually risen to the challenges of the last two years and successfully guided us through.
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Sredni Vashta friendica
Charlie and I cast my vote a few moments ago. You have no excuse not to vote!
Women. Get out and vote! Emily Davison didn't throw herself under a horse so that you could throw that right away.
If you filled out a postal vote but didn't send it, they will accept that at the polling station. You can invoke an emergency proxy vote up until 5 pm today.
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WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Posted ours last week
Good lad.

So here's a question: Will Twitter, Facebook, et al. be banning anyone who shares Donald Trumps stuff? When does protecting become censoring?

Logged into my LinkedIN account after a 23-day absence and realised I'd missed absolutely nothing.
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And yet another positive thing the Government is implementing that slips under the radar., as we come out of COVID restrictions, more and more people will be grateful for this, especially those who have sadly lost their jobs.

You know what? 27 Years. You can't say Bill and Melinda Gates didn't give it a fair go. It seems a shame that people can't find a way to accommodate differing views, though, if that's truly the reason for the divorce?
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Your guess is as good as mine, but I have to agree with you. It seems silly to divorce at their age; it's not as if they're stuck in a two-bedroom semi in Tower Hamlets.
Thomas mastodon (AP)
She is vaccinated with Astra and he with Biontech. Obviously!

I was gonna moan about how all these new options claim to be faster and better but then I read the article and thought "Ooh, shiny!"

Does anyone really search hashtags on Twitter? I mean, in general, not some important event or news item.

Hello, Fedora 34. Not convinced with Horizontal Workspace Navigation, but I'll stick with it for a short while.
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Hands up all those who remember the good old days when we pointed and laughed at crashed display boards running on the MS Windows platform? Not laughing now, are we?
Thomas mastodon (AP)
We're not laughing, never did. But a reboot screen is way better than a blue screen, as it isn't even based on a system failure, just waiting for a user input. But yes, poorly configured Grub.
Ultimately I couldn't give a damn. It just makes me smile when I think back to all the kiddies wetting their pants when someone posted a picture of an MS error. In fact, I'm sure I saw a presentation either at LugRadio Live or OggCamp by a guy who had a whole host of an information board and cash machine error messages. Oh, how we laughed our bladders out.

At least my SushiSwap is up 15p

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How long will it take for my Fedora 33 to realise there's a 34 waiting to replace it?

I wonder if Microsoft has an SLA on Teams?
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Basil mastodon (AP)
they do, but you have to go on a course to understand it.
Basil mastodon (AP)
I jest.
Given most have the freebie version, I doubt they're covered.

Are you a Fedora user? Or maybe just a Linux enthusiast? Wanna be involved in a Podcast? Here's your chance. What are you waiting for?

Umm? Is that it? I was a missing a ;?

Yep, I should have been worried. The Front End worker has been removed! #Frindica I can't seem to get cron to work for some reason? 😭

I am now on #Friendica 'Siberian Iris' 2021.04 - 1413 dunno what I was so worried about.

There's an update for #friendica, but I'm too scared to implement it. Everything works at the minute.

I have not watched a single episode of "Line of Duty", although I saw Stephen Graham get his throat slit, which was pretty shocking.
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Jim mastodon (AP)
It's pretty good.
The wife and daughter seem to think so.

More importantly, this highlights the danger of not physically having the content you purchased but leaving it on the provider's server.
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For all you gamers out there. You no longer need an Xbox Live membership to play "Free Games" on Xbox

What kind of cretin deliberately introduces vulnerabilities into the Linux Kernel supposedly for research? 😱
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Run Linux GUI apps on a Widows subsystem

But remember, boys and girls, this isn't native. This is a low-level VM, kind of like the Wine project. Your app is running in its own layer. "Our intentions are for this system distro to be as invisible to the user as possible." In other words, "Smoke and Mirrors." ;-)
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Before we all get carried away, let's not forget Dyson was offering to make ventilators for a profit but didn't want to pay any tax on it!
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And another European country seeks to send back those they welcomed with open arms:

Hands up all those who remember the warnings that "People will print off guns!" if the general population was allowed to have 3D Printers?
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You've gotta admire Amazon. You never hear any accusations on "Monopoly" or "World Domination", and yet quietly and confidently, they slowly make themselves the default for our daily lives.

Pakistan shut down Facebook! If only.
I wonder how many didn't have a clue what to do with themselves for those four hours?
Tell me about it! I must have lost at least ÂŁ6.00 over the course of the weekend. :'(
Spare some Eth Guv'nor? 0xD99bB882E81b092E63901866Bbd75f54E3e6c090
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