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Today's events demonstrate that you really need your own instance on the #Fediverse.

My biggest mistake was using my account, which then put that instance owner in a difficult position which made me very concerned for them, TBH.

Dufuq have you done?
Meh, check my timeline; it's all there. Everything is OK. Just kids letting off steam.
I posted a comment on someone's post about how their pictures were really good and that they should create an account on Hive so they could earn money for their work. It was a genuine attempt to show them somewhere they could earn some money. I don't even think I mentioned Crypto? The individual just told me to "FUCK OFF", and then the next thing I know; their weenie friends started reporting me to Sem. I was a bit worried for an hour or so.

You should know better. Let the new ones meet you first, earn their trust and then scam them but give them some days you're going too fast.