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You know, that Martin "Money saving" twonk does give some crap advice. He keeps banging on about using a hot water bottle. He himself states it costs 35p to boil a kettle, and yet a 100W electric blanket at the 34p per kWh rate would cost 3.4p to run at full power for an hour!
in reply to Shredni Vashtar

That's wrong. Boiling enough water for a HWB could cost less than 1p. 2kW for a minute or two
in reply to Steve

Tell it to Martin; I'm just going by what he puts the shits up the MIL with.
in reply to Shredni Vashtar

I think the guy is trying to help. Not that I tend to watch or read him. A lot of people don't know how to economise. Hence those waiting to pick up at the station with their engines running.
in reply to Shredni Vashtar

Mmm? He bangs on about switching cards; he tells you how "It won't cost a penny", and then you find the card issuer charges a transfer fee. His shitty program has caused my wife and daughters so much grief with the MIL, who thinks he's the font of all wisdom. I've no time for the bloke.