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Made an iOS Shortcut to let you follow someone from a different Mastodon instance without the copy/paste hoop-jumping.

Once added to your Shortcuts app, you can share a Profile (or webpage or text that contains a profile link or username) to this Shortcut to be taken to the Follow confirmation page without ever copying or pasting anything.

Let me know if you find it helpful or run into any issues.

#iOS #Shortcuts #Projects

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in reply to Justin Velgos

Here's another Mastodon iOS Shortcut. This one lets you view someone's Following list (even if they’re on a different instance) and open one or more of those Profiles in browser tabs to see their posts, so you can figure out who to follow with less friction (and then use my other Shortcut to follow them without the copy/paste steps).

Once added to your Shortcuts app, just share a Profile to the Shortcut to use it.

#iOS #Shortcuts #Projects
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