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I tried my to engage my son to it but as his friends don't play it there's nothing I can do.
Yeah, doesn't surprise me. I think it's only folk who like(d) Age of Empires that really like it.
I though he would like the "history" part and the possibility of playing among themselves but if dad recommends something then it's not cool.
@ghostdancer next time tell your son you hate the game and would never play it! πŸ˜‰
@Shredni Vashtar
the only real problem I had with this game was the mechanics for managing your army are, well, crap.
I think "Management" wholesale is, umm? You definitely have to keep your eye on the ball. The times the wife has spoken to me while playing, and within two seconds, the enemy has destroyed half my beautiful town..... #ShakesFist
@falgn0n I have to use the iamtoobusy cheat to play. Else I find myself engulfed in enemies before I've spawned anything!
@Shredni Vashtar well it's more than that: simple keybindings for selecting, say: "all fighters" or all of a class. When the fighters and the workers are all off gathering and the bad guys roll in and I suddenly have get all the fighters on deck but send the workers to hiding.
Doesn't work.
Maybe I've just been spoiled by games like CnC3 where it is so much easier to organise and rally my forces.