Good morning everybody.
Today we shall be looking through the square window, today's number is 1, and our favourite word is rubiginous #hive


I'm poorly! 🤧

Thomas mastodon (AP)
Get well soon!

Good morning everybody.
Today we shall be looking through the arched window, today's number is 4, and our favourite word is extramundane #hive


This morning we shall be looking through the round window, today's number is 9 and our favourite word is ulotrichous #Hive


"But it still works!"

"It's an HP 8000 and was released in 2009!"

Microsoft kills SMB1 Windows 7 "Bye-bye network printing on a Windows 7 Machine."

This morning we shall be looking through the square window, today's number is 3 and our favourite word is Barmecide #hive


So you've heard of "Dumped by Text." the French have just been "Dumped by Press." :-D

Gotta love BBC News logic this morning: "There's a shortage of gas, and prices are rising. We haven't used much gas recently due to the mild weather." Aye? If we haven't used it, there must be a glut of it. Stands to reason. 🤦‍♂️

Any Canny street trader would do well to start displaying some of their wears in Imperial Measurements just to entice the punters. "Half a pound of Carrots luv? Ere ya go." :-D

Huzzah! Feet and Inches are coming back.

Time to polish up the plaques in Trafalgar square.

Thomas mastodon (AP)

It's a great idea. /Me orders family pack popcorn, Nachos and Cola
It'll never happen but it's a fun story.

Fooking hell! It's like being in the audience of a TV game show in the office this afternoon. People are coughing and spluttering everywhere!

This morning we shall be looking through the arched window, today's number is 7, and our favourite word is absquatulated.

I've just eaten a punnet of pineapple and a punnet of apple, grapes and cheese cubes.
♫ ♪ "There may be trouble ahead..........." ♬ ♩

At least things have quietened down a bit.


LinkedIN just offered to connect me with someone I fell out with probably 10 years ago with the initials A L. Our political views are poles apart, yet that shouldn't matter when you're in a community.

This is not right!? No time for social media yet because I'm busy working? What is the world coming to?

All the young dudes.
(I'm sure it's more than six years, though?)
#oggcamp #Liverpool #theleaf #boldstreet

Thomas mastodon (AP)
I recognize at least 5 people.

Apparently, I can get a UK Digital COVID-19 Certificate, according to the NHS website that has emailed me. The only problem is the address is Sadly I don't speak Japanese.

I had to put the heater on in the car!

You've gotta love the UK. I put my office fan away thinking I wouldn't need it, and then suddenly, out comes Mr Sun again.

It's shaping up to be a lovely day at #CastleCannon
The sun is out, the patio door is open, and no arsehole is using a disc cutter for the minute.
Alan mastodon (AP)
What is with disc cutters on a nice day?? We get exactly the same here. That or some twat who thinks everyone wants to hear loud reggae music for some bizarre reason…
Yeah, we have a right weird household that lives at the end of the cul-de-sac who thinks we want to listen to the likes of Elvis, The Everly Brothers and Val Doonican at 400 decibels. I can only assume he plays it that loud because he's determined it carries the length of the twenty or so houses that make up our enclave.

I am drinking a very nice Chianti. No fava beans were injured in the m̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ drinking of this episode.
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I have been singing Christmas carols to my daughter. She's not best pleased for some reason?

redfrog mastodon (AP)

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That moment when you press the power button on the docking station several times and then realise your laptop is still in your rucksack. Doh! 🤦‍♂️
It's a bad day today. I had to bring my razor to work, something I've not done in over 40 plus years of working because I ran out of time this morning.
I'm pretty annoyed at myself.

Remember, boys and girls, China is not The Golden Wok takeaway down the high street.

Love this scam email.

From: Raphael E. <>
Sent: 25 August 2021 21:20


I Am Mrs. Jane Wood,the diplomatic agent and i was sent from the ROYAL Bank OF Canada (RBOC) Canada to delivered your ATM MASTER CARD that value sum of $40 millions Dolars to your destination home address and right now am at the City of Corpus Christi, Tx. 78413 USA and i want you to send an email to me now once you received this email and give me all about your information to avoid wrong delivering such as Your Name....
Your male/female....
Your Address.....
Your Telephone Number....
your country and state...
your email address......

Contact with bellow emaill ( Mrs. Jane Wood

System Account friendica (AP)
Концерт НТР
Starts:  Wednesday September 01, 2021 @ 6:00 PM
Finishes:  Wednesday September 01, 2021 @ 7:00 PM
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I've eaten way too much sugar today.

Alan mastodon (AP)
Hungry, were you? 😮

And to think we thought Compiz - Wobbley Windows was awesome!
I wouldn't use it now if you paid me. :-D
Thomas mastodon (AP)
I only used the cube and the 3D window effect for alt+tab
The cube had a use in terms of productivity by giving you six workspaces on top of the virtual workspaces, but the rest had entertainment value only.

We went to Currys Electrical last night to buy a Fridge-Freezer. They have 408 (Pre-Paid) orders for the Samsung one we wanted, with 300 coming in towards the end of the month, so 108 people [who've paid already] will have to wait, including us. We left, muttering under our breath: "We can manage for the time being."

I cannot leave the house without seeing at least one Tesla. If that's not a success story, I dunno what is.

Alan mastodon (AP)
Congratulations on your success at leaving the house 😉
There are far more scary things in the house than out in the big bad world.

Electric cement mixers are rubbish! I want the smell of two-stroke and the loud "put-put-put" of the engine.

Happy Birthday @Fabian A. Scherschel @Fabian A. Scherschel :ver: what are you now? Must be 50, surely?

Remember boys and girls, the moment someone says "You can't.............." you're no longer on a free social platform.
Alan mastodon (AP)
You can’t tell people that 😮😂

That moment when your dog does his nut, you go to the door, and a DPD driver is just past your house, and you call out: "Did you just knock on my door?", they say "No," and then 30 seconds later they ring your doorbell with a package!😡
Alan mastodon (AP)
Wow- your dog is smarter than our kids 😮
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