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Global warming = England the South America of Europe :P
Bwahahahaa. We have serious drought and biggest Forrest fires ever.
Global warming = Germany the Australia of Europe
Shut up! Global warming = Denmark the Atlantis of Europe :)
if all of the ice on Greenland melts then yes. Then you take the ferry to Denmark no land based border anymore
Stuff the penguins, gimme the heat.
Gulf Stream breaks and the Penguins might come visit you :P
I'll get the paddling pool out. Might be fun to have a pet dolphin.
or a Penguin :) you could call it Tux
I already have an owl which that gobbit @Tig says looks like a penguin. The wife is gonna rip his plums off when she sees him.
it is clearly a penguin, why don't you put a photo up and we will have a vote on it?
I think I remember a photo of it and it was clearly a penguin badly disguised as an owl. 🐧 -> 🦉 @srednivashtar @theru
My solicitors will be contacting you at some stage today! :-P