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The current humidity at #CastleCannon is 96%! where am I? South America!
Global warming = England the South America of Europe :P
Bwahahahaa. We have serious drought and biggest Forrest fires ever.
Global warming = Germany the Australia of Europe
Shut up! Global warming = Denmark the Atlantis of Europe :)
if all of the ice on Greenland melts then yes. Then you take the ferry to Denmark no land based border anymore
I guess you're right. Scary.
Stuff the penguins, gimme the heat.
Gulf Stream breaks and the Penguins might come visit you :P
I'll get the paddling pool out. Might be fun to have a pet dolphin.
or a Penguin :) you could call it Tux
I already have an owl which that gobbit @Tig says looks like a penguin. The wife is gonna rip his plums off when she sees him.
it is clearly a penguin, why don't you put a photo up and we will have a vote on it?
I think I remember a photo of it and it was clearly a penguin badly disguised as an owl. 🐧 -> 🦉 @srednivashtar @theru
My solicitors will be contacting you at some stage today! :-P