We Brits don't complain enough.
I just had a call from @santanderuk after I made an official complaint about the new debit card not registering on Samsung & Google Pay. Β£50 goodwill compensation, an apology and a commitment to keep me updated when fixed. π—£π—²π—Ώπ—³π—²π—°π˜.
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I complain all the time.

I just scored Β£100 from my car insurance company for taking too long to get my car fixed and mucking me around with dates.

Now that I’m writing this, I feel that they agreed too easily and I could probably have pushed for a lot more.

Funny you should say that. There was a distinct pause when she said she would pay it immediately if it was acceptable. Probably wrong, but it honestly felt like an "Is that enough?" kind of pause.
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I used to work in the complaints department for a bank. If you can warrant it and your reasoning for more compensation can be substantiated, you can push a little harder.

However, in your case the argument would have been that you can still use your physical card so any inconvenience was absolutely minimal. I think Β£50 was quite generous πŸ˜‰