Adam friendica (AP)

Hey, Plusporans!

I posted this as a reply to someone who was reposting the announcement about the issues Pluspora was having lately, but I figured I would post this just in general.

I would like to extend an open invitation to you and anyone who is wanting or needing to setup another fediverse account (due to the unfortunate circumstances at Pluspora) to come check out Friendica. Our friendly Friendica instances speak many languages, so they reach in to many other parts of the fediverse - the GNU Socials, Pleromas, Mastondons, etc, as well as Hubzillas and of course, Diasporas. This invitation is not to dissuade from choosing any particular path, but as I don't see enough cheering for all the great improvements that go in to Friendica all the time, I figure I'd make some noise, especially in light of the changes (or possible changes?) going on at Pluspora.

Feel free to try out a Friendica account at (I've been running this instance since April 2018) or at any instance that might be close and comfortable geographically - you can find a list at

Heck, even if one has had an account on a Friendica instance in the past, there's been a great number of improvements over the past couple of years.

Have a great day, hope all is well, and we look forward to seeing you wherever you wind up!

#pluspora #diaspora #friendica

Tagging a few people:

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Wilco Roos diaspora
Woot! I have made an account, and lets see if i can find my place there.
Wilco Roos diaspora
Lol @whuffo much better than pluspora indeed, but still missing editing posts, and the + function 😋
Whuffo diaspora
I like my new home on Diaspora. It's just like Pluspora but it works reliably.
Adam friendica (AP) (via DFRN)
@Whuffo I hope your new home is enjoyable! But FYI Pluspora is Diaspora as well (Diaspora is the service software and network that Pluspora and run on).
Adam friendica (AP) (via DFRN)
@Wilco Roos What @utzer said - and I'd honestly have to study the Diaspora feature set again, but they're not very dissimilar between the platforms. Friendica has quite a lot of features, many going unused, I think. heh
Adam friendica (AP)
Pinging @Lise as she may like to see this.
@Wilco Roos - Click on your profile pic in the upper right. Then, click Settings. Browse through the sections as there are several settings you might like to change; including Theme.

@utzer - I appreciate the invitation. However, I am one who doesn't like to have more than one profile on a given social network.

@Shelenn Ayres - Yes, there are tons of advantages. However, there does seem to be a few extra clicks involved to do things that require fewer clicks on Diaspora.
Shelenn Ayres friendica (AP)
Why limit reach for the sake of a few clicks? ;)
@Shelenn Ayres - I'd prefer the reach without the clicks.
Adam friendica (AP)
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ What would you like to do that does require more clicking on Friendica?
Shelenn Ayres friendica (AP)
Unfortunately, diaspora by design has limited reach into the Fediverse. So it depends on your use case ;) Good question Adam! I haven't found Friendica to be unfriendly hehe
@Adam - I know I'm new to Friendica. Nevertheless, per your request, here are some suggestions:

1) Have the Home button take you to your stream rather than your posts. You can get to your posts by clicking on your name and selecting Status anyway. This would eliminate the need for the Target button.

2) As for your stream, I suggest making the Global Community the default as opposed to the Local Community. That would make it one less click for me as I tend to share everything public with very few exceptions.

3) Do away with the numeric notification above the Nine Block button. It seems like a distraction to me as I will see my Friends' posts in my stream anyway. So, I really don't care to see the number of new posts from my Friends.

4) I'd like links, tags, etc to appear active without my having to mouseover the post. It will tend to make things stand out better, IMO.

That's about it at the moment. Feel free to discuss these with other users.
Adam friendica (AP)
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ Hey David - ... hmm, I think I would suggest perhaps having a read through might help with understanding what's going on up there.

Your network stream is the top left icon, the grid. The target looking icon is the global community stream, which is either all public posts from this instance, or all public posts that this instance knows about (locally and from remote sources). Neither of those are *your* stream, it's the global public feeds to the instance.

I appreciate the rest of the suggestions, we should see if they've been suggested as issues / feature requests at the Friendica github:

Were any of these suggestions related to the extra amount of clicking around you felt you needed to do? Perhaps with clearer understanding of what each of those options are it will help cut down on the amount of moving around? Do let me know how things go.
@Adam - I've gotten used to what Diaspora/Pluspora considers "my stream"; which includes posts by people that I do not have in my aspects. That's why I made that comment.

As for the Target button, that's the one where the extra click comes into play. That's why I suggested to make the Global Community the default. Also, I'd prefer that to be "my stream" as it would allow me to discover new people rather than just view posts by people that I'm following and/or have as Friends.

Oh, this "my wall" thing and Friends being able to post on it. I'd prefer not. Just let them post public or tag me (or a group) for a more private post. I don't like FB because it's akin to both graffiti and a tabloid magazine.

Another irksome thing is that adding people makes you lose your place because it brings up a new page. It'd be great if it was a popup so that one wouldn't lose their place while browsing through posts.
Shelenn Ayres friendica (AP)
For those new to this Friendica server, what I did was spend a little time going through and experimenting with themes and theme settings, display, addons, etc. You can find them under your account settings. Some of what is mentioned here is customizable in your settings :)
@Shelenn Ayres - I've gone through most settings. I won't deny the possibility of my missing something.
I'm still a bit frustrated with the UI. See my recent post from my isurf account on Friendica for details.