England better win on Sunday night because it's starting to get silly in the UK.
Some schools have said pupils can come in late on Monday after watching the match.
Supermarkets are closing early so staff can watch the match.
The wife's work phoned and said she can come in late to watch the match.
There's a cry to have a snap Bank Holiday if we win the match.

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Tig mastodon (AP)
I hope the supermarket isn't closing I was going to use the time to pop in
Hmm? Sky news Tweeted Tescos and CO-OP announced it. I can still find the tweet in my stream but if I click on it it says it no longer exists.
Here's the schools story though
M. Hamzah Khan mastodon (AP)
I couldn't care less about football, but now I hope England wins just for the potential bank holiday!
WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
And if we lose, a national day of morning?
TBH, I don't care either way.
WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
Actually, I do. another bank holiday would mean more infected morons invading our county.
Driving through Looe, social distancing and face coverings are almost non existent.