My QNAP is under attack. 😞
Not sure how they're doing it as HTTP is not exposed. There's no port forwarding to it, and you can't ssh externally to it?
Thomas mastodon (AP)
Your wife obviously.
She's in bed. It'll have to wait till I get home as I don't have access to the admin panel externally.
Thomas mastodon (AP)
The dog. It's the dog
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
Leave Charlie out of this. He's a good boy. @srednivashtar
Thomas mastodon (AP)
That's Charly's disguise! Highly trained, as we know from the XBox files, but cute and innocent looking.
You know, he was able to turn the Xbox on. I wonder if he could be trained to turn the NAS off? I'm not overly worried. The password (as are all my passwords) is pretty evil and even if they did get in I backed the whole QNAP up to the ARGON EON a couple of weeks ago so it'd be Trivial to wipe the QNAP and copy everything back.

I suspect this is the issue:
Thomas mastodon (AP)
Ah, first level support dog. I like the idea! Have you seen Paw Patrol? 😎