Watched: The most hated man on the Internet over the last couple of days. A couple of points. Charlotte Laws didn't bring him or his site down. James McGibney, for all his IT skills, purchased the domain and site, thus stopping Hunter Moore's activities for a while; the FBI actually brought him down.
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I saw that on Netflix recently but wasn’t sure whether to watch it or not.

Is it worth a watch?
I enjoyed it on a documentary level. But I'm one of those PITA's who picks holes in things. For example, The Butt hole girl who starts out telling us she was a victim and then shoots herself in the foot by later on saying she thought it would promote her porn!!
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Oh, there’s those type of “victims” in the documentary?

That reminds me of the tv show, Embarrassing Bodies. People were too embarrassed to visit their GP in the privacy of a room about strange growths or discharges so to save their modesty, went and got their bits and bobs out on national tv for a few quid.
TBH, I had the same feeling over the Jeffery Epstein Netflix documentary. A couple of the victims effectively admitted they pimped underage girls for him. I was like: "So why have you not been arrested?"