Hands up all those who remember people walking around shouting at the top of their voice into their mobile phone? Not because the recipient couldn't hear but to ensure you looked and saw they had a mobile phone. Encryption is pretty much the same. 90% of the population doesn't need it, but if you want to look like Billy-Big-Bollocks, you let everyone know you use it.
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Thomas mastodon (AP)
It's the same with locks. 90% never had a car stolen or a burglar in their house but close their doors with locks anyway. Idiots.
Not in Merry England. We all leave our doors open. You'd be amazed how many people leave their car unlocked, their burglar alarm off. In most peoples minds, just having locks is enough.
WyliecoyoteUK mastodon (AP)
TBF, some people always shout into phones. My wife included.
I sometimes say "Can you speak up a bit?
Mrs Madowlady at number 5 can't quite hear you"
LOL. My Mrs is deaf in one ear. We often say to her "Can you turn the TV up a bit more, the guy in Manchester can't quite hear it!"